Welcome to the website of Coöperatie Instrumentatiefitter UA.


Coöperatie Instrumentatiefitter UA is specialized in the installation of stainless steel instrument tubing.

With more than 20 years working experience in the oil and gas industry our expertise includes:
  • Installation of tubing supports ( Unistrut / cable tray's ).
  • Instrument fit work.
  • Building analyzer and sampling systems.
  • Installation of hydraulic tubing ( Swagelok, Gyrolok, Parker A-lok and Autoclave ).
  • Flushing and pressure testing of hydraulic tubing.
  • Building control panels with stainless steel tubing.
  • Commissioning and start-up of actuator and hydraulic well control equipment.
  • Technical advice regarding tubing routing, supporting and good workmanship.
All these services are rendered internationally, both on- and offshore.

We are familiar with the following tubing materials:
  • SS304L.
  • SS316L.
  • SS904L.
  • Incoloy 825.
  • 254 SMO.
  • Duplex.
  • Super Duplex.
  • Titanium.
  • Tungum.
  • Hastelloy.

Hydraulic tubing flushing and pressure testing:

For regular instrument tubing, a leak test or pressure test with nitrogen or water can be performed. For hydraulic tubing is this not advisable.
  • Pressure testing with water will leave water traces inside the tubing and will contaminate the hydraulic oil.
  • Blow out the tubing with nitrogen will still leave traces of metal parts ( introduced when the tubing is de-burred ) and other materials which will stick to the tubing wall during manufacturing, transport, storage and installation.
Therefore we advise to flush and pressure test the hydraulic tubing with hydraulic oil. Flushing will be done with same oil as used in your hydraulic system.

Rental equipment:

For flushing and pressure testing we have developed our own equipment:
  • Flush unit, flow variable from 3 to 80 liters per minute.
  • Pressure test unit up to 780 bar.
For further information please contact us via the contact page.